Keeper Of Traditional Thai Cuisine

Keeper Of Traditional Thai Cuisine

Blue Spice Company Limited, the manufacturing arm of the Blue Elephant International Group, is promoting Blue Elephant’s latest product line comprising Southern inspired curry pastes, ready-to-cook noodles sets and newly bottled Thai premium dried spices all of which are rich with fresh Thai herbs, flavourful spices and superfoods with multi-faceted health benefits. All Blue Spice products are original recipes from Chef Nooror Somany Steppe, keeper of traditional Thai cuisine and culture for over 40 years.


Keeper Of Traditional Thai Cuisine
Traditional Thai cuisine condensed for perfect home cooking.


“The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly changed consumer behaviour and lifestyle. More and more people are opting to cook and eat at home which has given rise to a substantial sales growth for our products, both locally and internationally,” said Chef Nooror. “This year the focus is on research and development to craft new products, further improve and modernise production process without compromising quality and authenticity; continue to utilise premium raw materials and ingredients from the Royal Project as well as products sourced from communities in various provinces throughout Thailand.


“We are increasing capacity in our existing factory for the time being; and expansion will follow in the near future. New international markets recently clinched comprise Taiwan, Japan, Australia and Portugal. Here, our products are also available in leading Thai supermarkets and we are always striving to better cater for the expectations of our local market.


Keeper Of Traditional Thai Cuisine
The new products include a selection of classic noodle soup dishes.


“For decades, Blue Elephant has been striving to revive forgotten recipes of the Kingdom which has truly become our gastronomic signature. The customers and patrons of our restaurants in Bangkok and Phuket, are truly seeking for this heirloom experience,” added Chef Nooror. “We are proud to contribute to preserving this culinary heritage and to be able to accompany Thai people in their ancestors’ footsteps.”


For more information, call Blue Spice at +66 (0) 2996 – 9401-3.



Source: Krinbourne Kommunications.

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