Island Cleaning Activities

Island Cleaning Activities

Pimalai Resort & Spa, the five-star sanctuary on the tropical Thai island of Koh Lanta, has re-launched its island cleaning activities for the first time since the global pandemic, as it continues to care for the environment and give back to the local community.


As part of the island-wide Kantiang Bay Community Trash Free Day, 17 members of the resort’s team came together with other groups from across Koh Lanta, including hoteliers, tourism groups, teams from Koh Lanta Yai municipality, Saladan municipality and Koh Lanta National Park, officers from the Koh Lanta sheriff’s office, students from Klong Hin School and local villagers, to clear litter and rubbish from public roads and beaches.


Island Cleaning Activities
The beach cleanup was the first major activity of its kind since the outbreak of Covid.


In total, the group of 115 volunteers collected 32 large bags full of rubbish, including harmful single-use plastics that had washed up on the island’s beaches, helping to protect wildlife and keep Koh Lanta looking pristine for locals and visitors alike. Pimalai supplied drinking water and snacks for every member of this cooperative initiative, which took place on 8th June 2022. This activity will now be hosted on the second Wednesday of each month. Everybody, from local residents to international visitors, is welcome to take part and help create a trash-free community in Koh Lanta.


“At Pimalai, we understand that we are very privileged to be part of such a beautiful destination. Koh Lanta is a small piece of paradise and we feel a deep responsibility to keep it looking healthy and vibrant, not only for our guests, but also for future generations of islanders. The Covid pandemic forced us to postpone our community activities, but we are delighted to restart our island cleaning programme. It was great to come together with our partners once again, and we will continue to care for Koh Lanta in the months and years to come. We can’t wait to reveal the island’s beauty to all our domestic and international visitors in future,” said Charintip Tiyaphorn, Pimalai’s Owner Representative.


Island Cleaning Activities
Volunteers collected more than 30 large bags of rubbish.


Nestled in 100 acres of nature, cascading down to a 900-metre-long soft sandy beach, Pimalai is an eco-friendly haven of tranquility. Ever since the resort was founded 20 years ago it has strived to protect and preserve its environment, which is filled with exotic native plants such as banyan trees, coconut palms, jasmine bushes, bird of paradise flowers and even century-old, 80-metre-tall ton yang trees. Wildlife abounds, with species such as monitor lizards, eagles and hornbills all visible in the area, and marine creatures such as dolphins inhabiting in the azure waters offshore.


Reflecting this environmental focus, Pimalai is one of only 26 global properties to form part of Small Luxury Hotels of the World’s (SLH) Considerate Collection, an exclusive group of socially responsible and eco-conscious five-star hotels.


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