Enjoy Durian Delight

Enjoy Durian Delight

Siam Tea Room, the casual café and authentic Thai eatery at Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park, is celebrating the arrival of durian season in Thailand with its enjoy Durian Delight, a new promotion that showcases the country’s King of Fruit.


Throughout June and July 2022, guests can experience the distinctive flavour and fragrance of this famous fruit with a selection of original yet reassuringly familiar Thai dishes, expertly crafted by talented chefs using locally sourced and sustainably farmed durians.


Enjoy Durian Delight
Slow-Braised Beef Cheek Massaman Curry with Young Durian.


The chefs use Monthong durians imported from Rayong province, which is famous for the size and quality of its fruit. They are large, heavy and covered in sharp spikes on the outside, while the vibrant yellow flesh inside is known for its exquisite flavour, creamy texture and powerful aroma. However, it’s their sweetness makes them perfect for cooking.


Savoury options include a light and fresh appetiser of Young Durian Salad with Fresh Mangosteen and Shrimp, and three mouthwatering main courses: sublime Stir-Fried Prawns with Young Durian, Chili & Spring Onion, fragrant Yellow Curry with Braised Pork Ribs, Young Durian and Lemongrass, and a rich and indulgent Slow-Braised Beef Cheek Massaman Curry with Young Durian.

Enjoy Durian Delight
If durians are your culinary thing, then don’t miss these amazing treats.


Two unique sweet dishes are also available: Durian Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk and Thai Durian Sticky Rice Coconut Custard Cake.


The Durian Delight promotion will be available at Siam Tea Room every day until 31st July 2022. Marriott Bonvoy and Club Marriott discounts apply.


For more information and reservations, call +66 (0) 2059 – 5999 or email: restaurant-reservations.bkkqp@marriotthotels.com. To book online, click here.



Source: Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park.

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