Domestic Travel Plans

Domestic Travel Plans

Milieu Insight, a Southeast Asian consumer research and analytics firm, has announced findings of domestic travel plans for summer vacation across the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand as Covid-19 restrictions ease with respondents from the Philippines and Indonesia showing the highest willingness for domestic travel.


With much of the movement restrictions across Asia being lifted, the travel industry is finally opening up. Over 80% of domestic travellers in Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam have indicated a likelihood to engage with travel agency services for their domestic travel and vacation plans.


Domestic Travel Plans


Travellers from Indonesia (89%), Vietnam (83%) and Thailand (79%) have expressed the least concern for themselves when it comes to domestic travel. This willingness to travel is also reflected in the domestic travel policies of these countries as there are minimum restrictions involved in their interstate/inter-provincial travels. In February 2022, Vietnam saw a total of 9.6 million domestic travellers.


One reason domestic travel has shown to be widely accepted by travellers is due to the fear of a pandemic resurgence. Travellers do not wish to be unwittingly stranded from home and work.


On the other hand, we see that 40% of respondents from the Philippines remain highly concerned for their safety even towards domestic travel. Domestic travel within the Philippines is still only limited to select destinations and with restrictions (as of 11 May 2022).


Domestic Travel Plans


When planning for their upcoming summer vacation, most travellers across all five countries are looking to unwind and reconnect with their family after two years of pandemic isolation (the Philippines 83%, Indonesia 82%, Vietnam 78%, Malaysia 81% and Thailand 79%). Just recently in April 2022, Indonesia saw mudik mass migration for Idul Fitri (end of Ramadan), where 31% of the population was estimated by the Indonesian Transport Ministry to travel back to their hometowns and spend time with their extended family.


Hotels remain the top choice for accommodation across all five countries, with half of travellers in Vietnam also showing preference for resorts, and more than half from Thailand also preferring pool villas (54%).


Family friendly destinations should look to see high popularities this summer, especially places that are inclusive towards multi-generational groups. This could be activities like a road trip to a national park or other tourist spots in a neighbouring state, or visiting a beach resort that provides entertainment for all ages, or even taking time off to unwind from the big city hustle and bustle in a tranquil village.


Domestic Travel Plans


Despite only travelling within their home countries most Southeast Asian travellers will still engage with a travel agency to plan for their domestic travel and vacation plans. Especially those from Indonesia (85%), the Philippines (82%) and Vietnam (83%). Engaging with a travel agent may ensure a less stressful trip, creating more time and leisure for travellers to enjoy their first post-pandemic vacation with their loved ones.



Source: Ellerton & Co Public Relations & Advertising.

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