A Decade Of Elevated Service

A Decade Of Elevated Service

The Okura Prestige Bangkok recently celebrated a decade of elevated service by spotlighting the Japanese flair for which the hotel has become renowned with a glorious Taiko drum performance and traditional Kagami Biraki sake ceremony to mark the significant milestone.


The festivities began with a dramatically energetic demonstration of Taiko drumming in the grandeur of the hotel’s lavish lobby. An age-old tradition, Taiko is considered a heritage art and has been passed down in the Japanese culture for centuries. It is often performed on auspicious occasions.


A Decade Of Elevated Service
The sound of Taiko drumming echoed throughout the hotel’s lobby.


The mesmerising performance was followed by another traditional Japanese ceremony of celebration, Kagami Biraki, in which a cask of vintage sake is broached for good luck. The ceremony, which took place on Saturday, 14th May, was hosted by Niek Hammmer, General Manager of The Okura Prestige Bangkok; Toshihiro Ogita, President and CEO of Hotel Okura Co., Ltd.; Hidetoshi Ishimaru, Director Project Planning and Development; Stephan Auweele, Chief Hospitality Group Office; Rungruang Wirojcheewan, Head of Hotel Operation; and Matt Knights, Head of Hospitality Business.


Hotel guests and visitors were enthusiastic participants in the celebrations and following his speech of welcome they joined Niek Hammer in raising a toast to The Okura Prestige Bangkok on its 10th anniversary and to its continued success.



Source: The Okura Prestige Bangkok.

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