MyFriend Your Pet’s App

MyFriend Your Pet’s App

A group of enterprising and devoted pet parents in Thailand have launched a bi-lingual, user-friendly, 360-degree pet care solution within one application called MyFriend Your Pet’s app which offers all kinds of solutions for pet care challenges frequently faced by parents, useful information and entertainment all in one application.


At present, four features out of a total of 12 features have been activated and MyFriend is working in partnership with market leaders in the pet care industry by providing them with a dedicated pro app and web portal for easy accessibility and marketing.


MyFriend Your Pet’s App
Mathieu Hervillard Le Peillet, Co-founder and CEO, Thai Innovative Technologies Co., Ltd.


“According to a recent survey, Thailand has the highest pet ownership ratio in Asia (after Indonesia) with 75% of Thai families having one pet or more. Falling birth rates in Thailand and change of mindset in Millennials are also creating a high demand for pets,” said Mathieu Hervillard Le Peillet, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Thai Innovative Technologies Co., Ltd., provider of MyFriend app. “Additionally, the Covid-19 pandemic has sparked a surge in pet adoptions and has further accelerated the trend towards app-based commerce, home-delivery and shift in value towards home and pets. Our furry friends are now widely considered beloved members of the family.”


“As pet parents ourselves, we saw the opportunity to create an active, close-knit community of pet aficionados via a trustworthy, one-stop pet care solution platform. Our goal is to bring a sense of novelty and excitement to this particular mobile platform which can support and provide full services towards the pet care industry,” added Mathieu.


MyFriend Your Pet’s App
Thailand’s first pet-dedicated app is now here. Woof-woof!


The first bilingual (Thai & English) app to be introduced in the Thai market, MyFriend app currently provides online the first four features as follows:


  • Healthcare: Shares advice or tips from professionals relating to the health and well-being of your beloved furry friends. The app can also help schedule appointments with veterinarians for vaccines, yearly check-ups and other important appointments.
  • Insurance: Advice on how to choose the best insurance package that would best suit pets according to their state of health as well as eliminate unnecessary expenses from the start.
  • Shop: Offers pet nourishments and accessories via subscription of first necessity products such as cat litter, dry and wet food for cats and dogs provided by leading shops and sources.
  • Magazine: Provides daily posts of educational and entertaining content, tips, recipes, interviews with pet parents from all walks of life, vlogs by celebrities and KOLs with interesting stories to share.


MyFriend Your Pet’s App
Making pet care pawsible! – May Haas, Head of Marketing.


“We have successfully reached out to a select number of potential partners who are market leaders in various pet related industries ranging from pet food and accessories shops, pet friendly venues and veterinarians to recognised gurus in this growing industry who will definitely enhance MyFriend app’s brand and offerings. Interested potential partners such as suppliers, service providers and market leaders will be equipped with a dedicated Pro app and web portal for easy access and service. MyFriend aims to be a reliable, trustworthy platform serving the community of like-minded pet parents and pet lovers,” said May Haas, Head of Marketing of the app.


“We’re here to connect, share and take pet care to the next level. MyFriend is here to make pet care as exciting and effortless as pawsible! We are also in the process of talking with Small Animal Hospital at Chulalongkorn University (CUVET) for advice and support,” she added.


Thailand is MyFriend app’s launch country and once the app has established a leading market position in Thailand, it will be expanded to other markets in Asia. The MyFriend app is now available for download at the App Store and Google Play.


For more information or queries, call +66 (0) 2123 – 8744 or email:


Source: MyFriend App.

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