Junior Tournament Series

Junior Tournament Series

With Thai golfers doing well on the international circuits, the time has come for the kingdom’s junior golfers to prove their mettle in the Notah Begay III Junior Tournament Series qualifying rounds at Evergreen Hills Golf & Resort, Kanchanaburi from 4th – 5th June 2022.


This year is the first International Tournament that will be held in Thailand and the only international tournament this year. The Notah Begay III Junior Golf National Championship series consists of a two-stage qualifying process whereby eligible golfers qualify by playing in an 18-hole or 36-hole tournament. When a golfer qualifies, they will be invited to the 54-Hole National Championship that will air on Golf Channel during a two-hour broadcast in December this year.


Junior Tournament Series
Amelie Zalsman shows off her trophy from last year.


Thailand’s Junior Golf National Championship will be held at the par-72 Evergreen Hills Golf & Resort, Kanchanaburi on the weekend of 4th – 5th June and is open to Thai golfers aged 10 – 18 years old. Entry costs US$299 (approx Bt10,000). The qualifying rounds consists of split boys and girls divisions in groups of 10 – 11 year-olds; 12 – 13 year-old; 14 – 15 years-old; and 16 – 18 years-old.


A player’s age division is determined by their age on 1st May, 2022. For example, if a player turns 14 in July of 2022, they will compete in the 12 – 13 Division throughout the entirety of the Series even though they may be 14 during a Local or Regional Qualifier. If a player turns 14 before 1st May, 2022, then the player will compete in the 14 – 15 Division throughout the entirety of the Series. If their birthdate falls on 1st May and they turn 14, they will play in the 14 – 15 division (This age cut-off applies for all Divisions).


Junior Tournament Series
American Quinn Yost was last year’s champion.


The top finishers in each age group, a total of six players from Thailand will earn a spot to play at the finals in November. Please note, if a player turns 19 before the 2022 National Championship or is attending college, they will not be allowed to compete.


If you have a question regarding what age division you should be competing in, email: info@jgnc.org. When a player registers, the system will automatically put them in the correct age division based on the cutoff date of 1st May.


To register for this year’s event, click here. To see a recap of last year’s tournament, click here.


Source: Athlete Resource.

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