Desires Of Modern Travellers

Desires Of Modern Travellers

Minor Hotels embraces the re-imagination of GHA Discovery, the world’s largest loyalty programme for independent hotel brands, meeting the desires of modern travellers with more rewards, recognition and opportunities to experience hotels and resorts at home or away.


Operated by Global Hotel Alliance (GHA), the programme, which embraces new travel and lifestyle trends, encompasses more than 500 hotels across 35 brands in 85 countries and serves more than 11 million members. It will expand its reach further when NH Hotels Group joins in 2022, adding another 360 hotels.


Desires Of Modern Travellers
GHA perfectly suits our multi-brand strategy – Dillip Rajakarier, CEO of Minor Hotels.


An extensive GHA member feedback study and new consumer behaviour showed that travellers are asking to be rewarded instantly and fairly, not just for nights stayed but also for spend, in a clear and straightforward way. Today’s consumers like to feel part of the community and the chance to enjoy hotel experiences close to home. GHA Discovery is modelled around three member-centric concepts: a new digital rewards currency, Discovery Dollars (D$); Recognition, with more tiers and multiple ways to progress and benefits from the first stay; and Live Local, inviting members into the hotels even without a stay, through offers and experiences from pool access to spa days to dining and more.


Dillip Rajakarier, CEO of Minor Hotels, said, “Since joining the GHA in 2007, we have grown and developed our own brands and membership of GHA perfectly suits our multi-brand strategy. GHA has consistently demonstrated the value of global customer reach and offers a strong CRM and loyalty programme for our hotels, so we are delighted to contribute to the ongoing success and to provide added benefits to our guests.”


Desires Of Modern Travellers
Anantara New York Palace Budapest Hotel is part of the alliance.


“Today’s discerning guests want to be recognised and rewarded instantly, wherever they travel and for whatever they spend. GHA Discovery now offers this flexibility, with the introduction of the industry’s first digital rewards currency, Discovery Dollars, enabling members to earn from their very first stay and redeem on future stays for in-hotel spend, from room to dining and spa or golf. With frequent local trips also the new norm due to ongoing pandemic-related travel restrictions, our new programme is more accessible and generous, rewarding members at hotels closer to home,” added GHA CEO Chris Hartley.


Beyond rewards and benefits, GHA Discovery better leverages the emerging role of hotels and resorts as community and lifestyle hubs, tapping into consumer appetite for connection to people and places and encouraging them to spend locally, giving a much-needed boost to the hospitality sector and local economies.


Desires Of Modern Travellers
Joining in 2022, Nhow London is the place to be.


With the launch of Discovery Dollars pumping some D$75 million (worth the equivalent in US$) into circulation globally in 2022, members will be motivated to spend, and GHA anticipates the introduction of the digital rewards currency will generate some $1.5 billion in room revenue alone.


“Ultimately, the new GHA Discovery programme will help the revival of popular international destinations while building local travel communities,” said Hartley. “We are taking a very forward-looking approach to loyalty, not only meeting the needs of today’s consumers but giving them a good reason to spend, supporting the organic rebound of travel and hospitality as a key part of the global economic revival in 2022.”


Source: Global Hotel Alliance.

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