Dive The Andaman Sea

Dive The Andaman Sea

For visitors seeking to dive the Andaman Sea this year, the news is good. Reefs are teeming with fish, shark numbers have increased and Thailand’s National Parks have used the shutdown to enhance the balance of the ecosystems they are entrusted to manage. As the high season approaches, 2021 will be a slimmed down version of what it once was. Visitor numbers will be a fraction of what they were pre-pandemic, though operators are quietly pleased with the prospect of still having quiet dive sites and small dive groups.


Sea Bees, Phuket’s longest-serving dive company, has been helping the local community during the quiet times with a medical support drive and preparing the business side to accommodate a different type of visitor to Thailand.


Dive The Andaman Sea
Thailand’s National Parks have used the shutdown to enhance the balance of the ecosystems.


Holger Schwab, Managing Director of Sea Bees Diving, says visitors are becoming more mature, and they have a little more disposable income to enjoy life experiences such as diving. Therefore, Sea Bees has tailored some packages and courses to this demographic, as well as completely renovating our liveaboard boat, the MV Marco Polo.


The newly revamped liveaboard vessel can accommodate a maximum of 12 passengers in six luxurious, air-conditioned double cabins, each with a private rain shower and en suite bathroom. Having fewer guests allows Sea Bees to provide divers with a more individualised experience, a more relaxed schedule and plenty of space on the dive deck area. This allows better opportunities for guests who are not travelling together to get to know one another and form lifelong travel relationships.


Dive The Andaman Sea
Scuba-diving; It’s a family adventure.


Some things remain the same, however, such as the delicious Thai cuisine with a healthy dose of European flair served every meal, making the cliché mantra of Dive, Eat, Sleep a comfortable fact of life. Aside from tanning on the sunny deck, sun-seekers can also read, relax, and, of course, snooze.


Divers can now dive the Andaman Sea in the warmest of hospitality and on a modern boat with the highest dive standards. Overnight dive expeditions to the Similan Islands and the world-class Richelieu Rock are offered by Sea Bees for either three-days and two-nights onboard, or four-days and four-nights. Price ranges for scuba diving trips range from Bt29,000 (US$885) to Bt42,000 (US$1,280) including national park fees.


Dive The Andaman Sea
Enjoy a liveaboard dive experience with Sea Bees.


Established in 1989, Sea Bees has three dive centres in southern Thailand. In Khao Lak, delivering dive experiences in the Similan, and Surin Islands. In Phuket, in Nai Yang and Chalong areas serving the southern Andaman region including the marine parks of Phang Nga and Phi Phi Islands. Offering professional, safe and multilingual service to divers of all experience levels. Sea Bees focus on sustainability and actively support efforts to end shark finning and campaigns to stop the use of drift nets and long-line fishing to preserve the marine environment.


For more information and live aboard packages, click here.



Source: Shine PR.

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