Women Leaders Power Up

Women Leaders Power Up

Hundreds of ambitious women in business will gather virtually at the fourth annual Women|Future Conference 1st – 5th November as women leaders power up. The Women|Future Conference is a professional and personal development, learning, networking and mentorship conference hosted by the Stevie® Awards for women around the globe.


With over 40 sessions, interactive workshops and a motivational keynote, this is an event for career-driven women in all stages of life looking to be inspired, build resilience and prepare for changes ahead. The five-day agenda features female CEOs, Founders, Executives, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners around the world.


Women Leaders Power Up
5-days; 40+ virtual speakers; 140+ speakers; over 500 in-person attendees.


This is the first year the conference is hosting sessions exclusively by female leaders in the Asia-Pacific region, bringing together the APAC women’s community with the Stevie Awards international audience. These sessions focus on the advancements of female executives from the Asia-Pacific region who are championing the power of leadership and management in traditionally male-dominated industries such as financial technology, banking, insurance, and e-commerce.


The 140+ speakers at this year’s conference are a diverse mix of women from industry-leading organisations such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Facebook, HCL, IBM, Infosys Limited, KPMG, Overseas Filipino Bank, Inc. and Xendit. Kicking off the conference on Monday, 1st November at 11:00 am EST (10pm Thai time) will be the opening keynote speaker Sandy Carter, Vice President of Public Sector Partners and Programs, AWS.


Other notable speakers include Wijitleka Marome, Deputy Director of Bank of Thailand, Leila Martin, President & CEO of Overseas Filipino Bank, Inc. and Nina Aguas, Executive Chairperson of the Insular Life Assurance Company.


The Asia-Pacific conference agenda aims to further broaden and develop the fintech industry in Asia with the help of these female leaders. At the launch of the Asia-Pacific segment of the Women|Future Conference, housed virtually under the Digital Pilipinas movement by GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications, Inc. on 23rd August, 2021, speakers discussed how women leaders are at the forefront of digitisation in said industries. Participants shared insights about how women promote a healthy work-life balance, innovation in partnership with regulatory bodies, the development of up-to-date infrastructure, and inclusivity in their companies.


Women Leaders Power Up
Don’t miss sessions by female leaders in the Asia-Pacific region.


Amor Maclang, a Stevie Award winner, convener of Digital Pilipinas, co-founder of GeiserMacLang Marketing Communications, Inc., and speaker at the Women|Future Conference, moderated the agenda launch alongside other APAC session speakers. She said in her opening remarks, “The reverse diaspora is happening not just in the Philippines but also in Asia. There’s been a brain drain, but now the reverse is happening. We see the best talents in technology choosing to domicile themselves in Asia.” She added, “We are all striving to work towards a future where we will be at parity in male-dominated fields for our hard work and talent, not for our gender.”


APAC digital infrastructure sessions include:


  • Building the New Digital Infrastructure
  • The Future is Female: Building the New Generation of Financially Literate Women
  • Leadership Tips from Stevie Awards for Women in Business Winners
  • Women in E-commerce and Mobility: Creating the Asian E-commerce and Mobility Highway
  • Women Leading Legacy Industries: Edutech, Proptech, and Insurtech
  • Women in Fintech: Reshaping the Industry and Bridging the Gap


The Women|Future Conference & Event Manager, Ruslana Milikhiker, remarked on the transformation since the first annual Women|Future Conference in 2018; “The first conference took place four years ago to complement The Stevie® Awards for Women in Business programme. Now it has evolved to serve women on a larger scale. Our conference tagline Cultivate Your Tomorrow was added in 2020. We chose this phrase because the Women|Future Conference encourages women to not only embrace their tomorrow, but to tackle career, personal, and life goals. The conference goes beyond the changing business landscape and focuses on current issues we all face as working women juggling a busy schedule and doing it all.”


Tickets for the 2021 Women|Future Conference are available on the conference registration page. Students may register at a discounted rate with proof of a valid current student ID. There is a group discount when three or more individuals register together.



Source: The Stevie Awards.

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