Mahanakhon SkyWalk Returns

Mahanakhon SkyWalk Returns

King Power Mahanakhon, Bangkok’s towering landmark in the heart of Sathorn, is now open and  welcoming visitors back to the stunning Mahanakhon SkyWalk.


Mahanakhon SkyWalk and Mahanakhon Bangkok SkyBar, the kingdom’s highest observation deck and restaurant, respectively, are once again serving guests on the roof of bustling Bangkok. Marvel at a 360-degree view of the capital city from 314-meters or hold your breath as you step out on to the glass floor some 78 floors above Sathon.


Mahanakhon SkyWalk Returns
Bangkok’s tallest building, King Power Mahanakhon is now reopen to the public.


Mahanakhon Bangkok SkyBar has heralded its return with six new menus under the theme “Travel of Taste”, which takes diners on a culinary journey through premium ingredients from around the world. Try a succulent Phuket lobster served two ways, Grilled Thai-Style Phuket Lobster or Phuket Lobster Thermidor, or a snow-fleshed Alaskan salmon presented as either White Wild Salmon Tartare or White Wild Salmon Coulibiac. Alternatively, Australian Wagyu and foie gras are featured in the Australian Wagyu Beef Rossini and Australian Wagyu Beef Wellington. Moreover, each of the dishes is ready to be paired with mocktails composed especially for the new additions.


Experience the creations in a 3-course set lunch at Bt990++ per person and a 3-course set dinner from Bt1,600++ per person* or a 4-course set dinner from Bt1,800++ per person*. Mahanakhon Bangkok SkyBar restaurant is open daily 11.30am – 8pm.


Back down at street level, sit down to even more fabulous cuisine with the popular street food choices available at Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE, now featuring two new and exciting options. Chef Lalita elevates Thai boat noodles with premium beef at “9 San Laan” and Phed Phed’s brand new “Kruwn” presents vibrant fried chicken and pork served with deep-fried garlic, Hainanese-style rice and over 10 different zestful sauces. Of course, they are not alone as they join other legendary and Michelin recommended eateries assembled at Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE, located on the 1st Floor of Mahanakhon CUBE.


For additional information or to make a reservation, please contact +66 (0) 2677-8722 or click here.


*Terms and conditions apply.


Source: King Power Mahanakhon.

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