Delicious Thai Fruits

Delicious Thai Fruits

Do you only know the familiar taste of standard strawberry jam and marmalade on toast? Now, you can excite your tastebuds with new, exotic flavours and variety of delicious Thai fruits, picked straight from Thailand’s lush northern orchards.


Great tasting food always brings people together to one table, across generations, cultures and language. Food tastes the sweetest with the joy of sharing is the inspiration behind Fairlane Garden Farm Chiang Rai and Fairlane Organic Products, made from organically grown Thai fruits and herbs.


Delicious Thai Fruits
A selection of Fairlane Organic jams and dried fruits.


Fairlane Organic is delighted to introduce the luscious, tropical Thai flavours of its new line of over 10 types of farm-fresh jams and dried fruits – passion fruit jam, mulberry jam, lychee jam, lime spread, longan and butterfly pea flower jam, longan jam, mango jam, pineapple jam and starfruit jam, dried mango, dried guava and dried lychee.


All Fairlane Organic products are planted, organically grown, harvested and processed on site on Fairlane Garden Farm. Other ingredients are bought from neighbouring farms to support local farmers in its location in the fertile green valleys among Chiang Rai’s misty hills and lakes.


Fairlane Organic uses all-natural fruit and organic, unrefined sugar with no artificial preservatives. Using only the natural sweetness and freshness of nature’s products closest to their original forms, Fairlane Organic offers the healthiest, wholesome jams and dried fruits that nourishes and energises the body in harmony with nature and the environment. All Fairlane Organic products are 100% natural, gluten-free, and vegan and vegetarian friendly.


Delicious Thai Fruits
All Fairlane Organic products are 100% natural.


Fairlane Organic was born from treasured childhood memories of eating delicious Thai fruits at the founder’s parents’ home in Hong Kong, where imported Thai mangoes, lychees and longans were a much-loved treat.


“Many of those moments were shared at Fairlane, the name of my parents’ home in Hong Kong. Our brand name ‘Fairlane’ is to honour my mother, who was always generous and loved to bring joy to family and friends,” says Fairlane Organic founder Beatrice Mok.


“We want to preserve these tasty gifts from Nature closest to their original form, with the cleanest ingredients and minimal processing, to support our health and well-being. We are truly blessed to be able to grow and harvest our fruits, tea and coffee in the fertile land of Chiang Rai, northern Thailand.”


Fairlane Organic jams and dried fruits can be found at Central Plaza Chiang Rai Kad Luang Market, Central Festival Chiang Mai Kad Luang Market and Central Airport Chiang Mai Kad Luang Market. Products can also be ordered online from Shopee and Lazada or by clicking here.



Source: Museflower Retreat & Spa.

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