AvaniKids Camp Experience

AvaniKids Camp Experience

The anticipation for the mid-term breaks begins with the launch of the new AvaniKids Camp experience at Avani+ Hua Hin Resort. The camp is suitable for kids of all ages to make new friends and acquire valuable skills while holidaying with mum, dad and their siblings.


The camp is helping unite people across generations and teach children to advocate for the health of the planet. From “green” skills, such as tree-planting and recycling, to postcard-writing workshops and donating old clothes to those in need, children learn to care about the environment and those around them. Other activities, like pizza-making or cupcake decorating classes, will not only look good on mum’s Instagram but encourage a healthy interest in cooking and nutrition.


AvaniKids Camp Experience
There are tons of activities for children of all ages at AvaniKids Camp.


The AvaniKids Camp programming taps into kids’ innate curiosity and desire to understand the world to keep them engaged and entertained. Fun and educational, activities on offer are suitable for kids aged 4-15, with the majority being complimentary for guests booking the AvaniKids Camp stay package that includes accommodation, daily breakfast and a sticker book designed to hold a total of 20 badges.


Upon arrival, the youngest Avani guests can simply troop down to AvaniKids and register for their preferred activities. The more activities the kids sign up for and complete, the more badges they collect and the faster they can earn their completion badge and receive their completion certificate along with a 1-night stay at Avani+ Hua Hin for the next trip. Sticker badges can all be collected over multiple stays, as long as all tasks are completed by 23rd December 2021.


AvaniKids Camp Experience
The next Tiger Woods in the making?


To book the AvaniKids Camp stay package, call +66 (0) 3289-8989 or email: avaniplus.huahin@avanihotels.com.



Source: Avani Hotels.

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