locavore food lovers

Locavore Food Lovers

Garden Cafe at Avani Pattaya Resort, a locavore eatery working directly with local smallholders and fishermen, is unveiling a plethora of new dishes for locavore food lovers.


Only a decade ago, restaurants committed to using mainly homegrown ingredients were few and far between. But with today’s increased focus on wellness and sustainability, diners put a premium on locally-grown produce – both for its freshness and for lighter carbon footprint when supply chains are shortened.


At Garden Cafe, about 80% of the ingredients are sourced locally, from organic vegetables and herbs grown at the restaurant’s hydroponic bay to free-range eggs from hens raised at the resort’s own farm an hour’s drive away. By using the elevated hydroponic system, Garden Cafe is able to efficiently and organically grow cos lettuce, red oak, green oak and other herbs.


locavore food lovers
Try a refreshing Farm Green and Floral Salad – very healthy.


When sourcing ingredients from outside suppliers, Garden Café chefs select smallholders with a proven track record of responsible farming, as well as working directly with local fishermen to ensure guests get to enjoy the freshest seafood every day. Not only do their efforts help local produce shine, but the educational element of the locavore approach means the local community is more aware of the importance of reducing carbon footprint in food supply chains and more willing to support the initiative.


Highlighting innovative Thai flavours and local ingredients, the new tasting menu features such signature dishes as mulberry tea consommé, green and floral salad, the Beyond Burger, grilled chicken garden wrap and Thai-style prawns in a ginger sauce on a bed of mulberry leaves. Guests who purchase freshly harvested vegetables from the eatery’s hydroponic garden will also get recipes and healthy cooking tips from the culinary team.


locavore food lovers
Thai-style Prawns in a Ginger Sauce on a Bed of Mulberry Leaves.


Garden Cafe at Avani Pattaya Resort is open daily with lunch service from noon – 2.30pm, while dinner is served from 6.30pm – 10.00pm.


For more information and reservations, call +66 (0) 3841-2120 or email: pattaya@avanihotels.com.



Source: Avani Hotels.

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