IHG myBenefits

IHG myBenefits

IHG Hotels & Resorts has announced a suite of new, industry leading benefits called IHG myBenefits for its hotel employees in Australia, along with formalised guidelines to provide flexible work arrangements for its employees as it gears up for another record 12 months of hotel openings.


Covid-19 has prompted businesses to look at different ways of working and with the talent shortage impacting the industry, IHG has been actively seeking new ways of attracting people to hospitality while doing all it can to retain talent it currently has.


Branded as IHG myBenefits, the platform includes hallmarks such as flexible work arrangements, as well as paid parental and partner leave, birthday leave, and the ability to use personal leave for proactive wellness. Through myBenefits, IHG is also moving Domestic Violence Leave entitlements from an unpaid to paid leave arrangement, and sabbatical leave is now available for colleagues to pursue personal or passion projects.


Additionally, IHG colleagues will have access to the IHG myPerks platform which carries discounts and cash-backs at more than 400 known retailers and service providers. It also gives employees access to an online Wellbeing Hub which contains “Move, Mind, Money and Munch” content, which is designed to support staff with their physical, mental and financial well-being.


Leanne Harwood, IHG’s Managing Director Japan, Australasia and Pacific, said, “People who work in hospitality know that it’s a fantastic place to grow a rewarding career, but we recognise that, now more than ever, we have to do everything we can to make the most compelling proposition for people to join or stay in our industry. Part of that is making sure we are offering our employees the most attractive benefits and working conditions. Offering our colleagues Flexible Working Agreements is something we are truly passionate about and it’s a policy that we are proud to be rolling out. Each colleague’s situation will be different, based on their role and personal circumstances, so we’re committed to working with them to find the best way to bring some more flexibility into their lives.


“As well as offering flexible work agreements, we are so excited to be also providing great benefits like paid partner parental leave, and bolstering our Wellness offerings through our myPerks platform. We hope it will give colleagues a fuller sense of belonging and comfort, and increased confidence that we are committed to helping them have a long and fulfilling career with IHG.


“In addition to that, we have another record year of hotel openings ahead of us in the region, and we need to get people back to being excited about working in hospitality and we need to do more to attract people to a career in the accommodation sector. By providing a compelling suite of benefits, perks and flexible working arrangements we hope it will attract jobseekers to our industries and most importantly, retain the wonderful talent we already have in our business.”


All IHG colleagues have access to the myBenefits programme from the moment they join an IHG managed hotel.



Main image: Leanne Harwood, IHG’s Managing Director Japan, Australasia and Pacific.



Source: TravMedia.

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