Luxury Lotus Mooncakes

Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel is offering a sense of spiritual awakening and an awakening of the culinary senses this Mid-Autumn Festival with luxurious mooncake presentations that pay homage to the Lotus flower, the most sacred of flowers in Thai culture.


This Mid-Autumn Festival’s packaging and presentation of handcrafted mooncakes see Lotus flowers – a symbol of purity, faithfulness and spiritual awakening – embossed in gold foil on a rich burgundy backdrop of either a leather or cardboard box. The Kingdom’s scarce Thai cranes – also known as the Eastern Sarus crane – likewise make an appearance in full flight to complete the inspirational luxury design.


Anantara Siam offers a selection of delectable mooncakes in five classic flavours this year – Lotus Seed Single Yolk, Jujube Single Yolk, Durian Single Yolk, and sweeter options of Custard, and Black Bean Green Tea.


Mooncakes (150 gram each) are priced at Bt1,088++ for a premium box with any four mooncakes flavours, and Bt1,588++ for a luxury leather box with any four mooncake flavours.


Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel’s mooncakes are available at Mocha & Muffins in the hotel’s Parichart Court or via delivery in Bangkok until 21st September 2021.


For pre-orders and purchasing, click here; call +66 (0) 2126-8866; or email:



Source: Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel.

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