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Traveloka, Southeast Asia’s lifestyle super-app, is encouraging users to do their part by joining its “Stay Home First, Then Explore the World” campaign to continue staying safe during the Covid-19 wave which recently hit Thailand.


Users can experience ‘Tiew Thip’ or virtual travel vibes organised by Traveloka, including preferred music playlists portraying various destinations, virtual tours of attractions around the world and the chance to win some great prizes from the Stay at Home Challenge video contest. In addition, every user can take part in helping others whose lives were affected by Covid-19 as a portion of air fares gathered within two weeks in June will be donated through the Issarachon Foundation to help the homeless.


Panicha Thananaken, Country Manager for Traveloka Thailand.


Panicha Thananaken, Country Manager for Traveloka Thailand, said, “The latest Covid-19 wave in Thailand prompted the government to extend the state of emergency until the end of July. The pandemic has impacted every part of the economy, especially the lifestyle and tourism sectors. In response, we decided to introduce the ‘Stay Home First, Then Explore the World’ campaign, underlining our #WalkTogether movement to weather the Covid-19 impact on the industry. This campaign was specially designed to create travel vibes for Thai users who have been longing for travel and sightseeing. From now until 30th June, they can travel virtually in the comfort of their homes and enjoy engaging activities as well as an opportunity to help the homeless.”


Traveloka’s Stay at Home Campaign consists of three fun activities which everyone can enjoy wherever they are:


  • Virtual tours and attractions: Famous tourist attractions will be available every week online in ultra-high-definition for anyone who wishes to travel and explore the world.


  • Customised music playlists: Users can experience the mood and atmosphere related to some famous attractions through a selected song list created by Traveloka.


  • Join the Stay at Home Challenge video competition: Users can share their ‘Tiew Thip’ or travel abroad look-alike clips to win numerous prizes including flight coupon discounts from Traveloka.


As a lifestyle super-app that began in Thailand six years ago, Traveloka is committed to helping Thai society fight the spread of Covid-19. Traveloka aims to mitigate its effects on the homeless, given that they have a higher likelihood of being exposed to the pandemic. Many employees of SMEs have lost their homes due to the impacts to the travel sector. In response, Traveloka will donate Pun Sook Goodwill bags to help them during this challenging time, in partnership with the Issarachon Foundation. A portion of every airfare sold in a two week period in June will go towards this important cause.


Adchara Sornwaree, Secretary of the Issarachon Foundation, said, “The number of homeless has significantly increased in the past year as Covid-19 spread throughout the country. Many were affected by layoffs as the travel sector ground to a halt, and some lost their homes and were forced to live on the streets. We are glad that Traveloka has taken part in offering their support to those who have been impacted. Donations from Traveloka will go towards bags containing essential needs such as food supplies, personal care products, medicine and clothing. We believe that this show of support can help them get back on their feet once circumstances improve.”


Adchara Sornwaree, Secretary of the Issarachon Foundation.


Users can enjoy the virtual travel experiences or take part by donating with just a few taps. Open the Traveloka app, tap on the ‘Stay at Home’ section, then select the desired activity – experience a virtual tour, enjoy the playlist, join the social media challenge or make a donation. The virtual tour and music playlists are available for popular destinations across the world ranging from Amsterdam, Paris, London, Venice, Tokyo, Sydney, New York City and Cape Town.


Users can also get a chance to win great prizes from Traveloka by joining the Stay at Home challenge and sharing their ‘Thiew Tip’ on IG Reels with the #ทริปนี้ทิพย์ไปก่อน hashtag tagged to Traveloka and set to public. The lucky winners will get a flight discount coupons worth Bt10,000.


“Thai society has been dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic since early 2020. This campaign is part of our commitment to encourage our users to adhere to the health protocols, while providing a way for them to enjoy the holiday vibes which we know they miss. We are also glad to process the donations, with the support of our customers, so that we can provide valuable contributions to society. In addition, the vaccination programme in Thailand will ramp up from June onwards and in entering the second half of 2021, we are optimistic that this effort will have a positive impact to Thailand’s economy as most of the population gets vaccinated. Together, we are standing side by side with Thais to overcome this pandemic,” added Panicha.



Source: Traveloka Thailand.

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