Overcoming Challenging Times

Kamalaya has launched the Immunity & Resilience holistic wellness programme, created specifically for this moment in time. The world-renowned holistic wellness sanctuary has provided a safe space for guests over the last year and now Kamalaya founder Karina Stewart and her team of wellness professionals have developed a programme that is tailored to the changing needs of our world.


Challenges are often powerful catalysts for growth, but the ability to embrace difficulties requires strength, balance and inner-reserves. Kamalaya’s Immunity & Resilience Program supports exactly this.


How does it work? One step is to identify biochemical imbalances or nutritional deficiency with functional blood testing. Based on the results, guests then receive tailored support to bolster their immune system with nutritional guidance, herbal supplements and Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Immerse yourself in the colourful steam room at Kamalaya.


Bioresonance therapy, mindfulness training, meditation and a variety of holistic activities like yoga, pranayama breathing and Qigong establish a new inner equilibrium. And there is plenty of time to relax: the lush tropical gardens, views of the turquoise ocean, a secluded beach and two beautiful pools, Kamalaya’s healthy cuisine and comfortable accommodations invite guests to follow their own rhythm. The result is more confidence, a better mood and an overall new sense of happiness and well-being.


Kamalaya has special rates for anyone travelling from Thailand. A seven-night stay in a Hillside room including the Immunity & Resilience Program starts at Bt88,839 for one guest or Bt160,178 for two guests. This offer is also available for nine, 14 and 21 nights and is valid for a stay from now until 21st December 2021. Booking period is from now until 30th June 2021. Please check the latest official travel restrictions in your province prior to making your reservation.


Guests can also choose from Kamalaya’s full menu of holistic wellness programmes including Basic Detox & Rejuvenation, Basic Optimal Fitness, Ideal Weight, Asian Bliss and Relax & Renew with a 20-percent discount.


For enquiries, email: info@kamalaya.com.



Source: Delivering Asia.

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