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Just like the Brothers Grimm fairytale depicting Hansel and Gretel, the abandoned brother and sister who left a trail of small stones to find their way home after escaping the wicked witch of the forest, we too leave a trail of memories that can help us find our way back to happiness.


Experiences that happen throughout our lives are either stored in our active memory or filed away deep in our subconscious memory. Over time, it becomes harder and harder to access our non-active memory bank but with the right teaching, gentle nudges and patience these long-lost memories can be unlocked.


Arjan Ghittichate (Chris) Sirisreepomchai, a master for the modern era.


Personally, I’ve never been a great believer in revealing my inner memories or ‘secrets’ as most of us think of them, especially not in a group setting. Having said that, when I first met Arjan Ghittichate (Chris) Sirisreepomchai, Spiritual Life Coach, Healer and Yantra Artist, I was immediately drawn in to his charismatic persona. We spoke extensively about the Universe, humanity’s place in this mind-boggling space and the existence of extra-terrestrial life. It was a riveting conversation and one that we’ve explored on several occasions since.


I knew Arjan Chris was conducting regular group sessions at his private institute in Ekkamai Road and most of the time the various lessons were sold out weeks – if not months – in advance. The unfortunate arrival of Covid-19 in the Kingdom of Thailand brought his classes to a halt, which gave him the opportunity to join forces with Arjan Achirawit (Ryu) Phakchotipong. Arjan Ryu is one of only seven Thais to receive the Mind Map certification from renowned author and educational specialist Tony Buzan.


Co-designed by Ajarn Chris, a master in energy healing and intense spiritual development, and Ajarn Ryu, a master in unlocking the mind of thousands of people over the past decade, the new Map to Happiness workshop is a two-day course that aims to reveal the potential in people by introducing Mind Map as developed by Tony Buzan.


Arjan Ryu is one of only seven Thais to hold Tony Buzan’s Mind Map certification.


By combining two diametrically linked skills of spiritual and mental connectivity and personal potential development sciences, Arjan Chris and Arjan Ryu are offering people the opportunity to address deep-seated issues (personal or professional) in the newly created workshop. Like me, you will get to know that real happiness lies within you. It is a ‘treasure trove’ hidden within in but you are unable to navigate your way to happiness without the right map.


Your person mind map will ultimately lead you to the ‘treasure’ buried deep within your soul, but these two Thai masters don’t simply hand it over, rather they act as your personal guide to find this ‘treasure’ within you, guiding you at each step along the way.


“For most journeys, people depend on maps so they do not get lost. This is even more true for life in our modern society where we are bombarded with information telling us how we should look, how we should eat, and how we should feel. Therefore, it is important that each of us has a map to guide us along our path in life,” Arjan Ryu says.



Meanwhile, Arjan Chris adds that each of us is born with a sense of inner guidance called intuition, but if it’s not calibrated properly we can fail to find our path in life. “All of mankind is guided by higher self on the path of life, an inner guidance called ‘intuition’. A piece of advice that comes from a place of love and empathy… that will lead each individual to the glory of success that they deserve, the passion and drive to do new things, and the happiness that is most fitting to their core personalities.


“Intuition is also the key to answering the grand question of life and spirituality such as ‘Where can I find the meaning of life?’, ‘What is my life connected to?’and ‘What is the real value of my life?’ Spirituality is all about finding a meaningful link with something larger than yourself. Once you’ve experienced that state, you will be washed over with joy and positivity, peace, satisfaction, gratefulness and an objective acceptance of reality.”



To those who are still struggling with their map and compass, why not embark on the quest of self-discovery to discover the true nature of consciousness and spiritual awakening? By engaging in the process of spiritual awakening, you will be able to rise above the restraints of ego and awaken to higher consciousness. This awakening can help expand the boundaries of your mind beyond the limits of thoughts and myopic views of life and the universe.


“The result of this true awakening will help free your mind from the confine of fear, worries, and incessant thoughts, leading to peacefulness and happiness in your daily life. All of this proves true the words of Albert Einstein, a revolutionary theoretical physicist, who summed it all up when he said ‘the only real valuable thing is intuition’,” added Arjan Chris.



For the first time in Thailand, two leading Masters in the spheres of spiritual awakening and mental cognizance will host the Mind To Happiness workshop for a limited number of participants. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, this special seminar is only permitted to accept the first 30 confirmed customers. Two coffee breakouts and lunch will be provided to all participants during the two-day event. If anyone has certain food allergies, please inform us when registering.


For more details, call Khun Panida at 090-919-9365 or Khun Phuwatnant at 090-919-5565.




What: Map To Happiness Master Class.

When: TBC.

Where: Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok.

About: Meet 2 Masters as they come together in the first time in the world.


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