Michelin Cuisine On Wheels

Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE, Sathorn’s newest eatery featuring 12 legendary Thai street food restaurants and Michelin recommended dishes, has joined hands with Robinhood, a homegrown food delivery application, developed and operated by Purple Ventures, a subsidiary of SCB 10X.


Bangkok foodies can now conveniently order via the app from multiple street food eateries and enjoy the dishes in the comfort of their home or office. To enjoy the service, download the Robinhood app (available in iOS and Android), and search for “Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE”.


Select from over 100 dishes, including Michelin-recommended items such as Pad Thai Fai Tha Lu with Crispy Pork from Chef Andy’s Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu, Braised Short Ribs Rice Pot from Yih Sahp Lukh, Stir-fried Sukiyaki from Maverick Suki, Nai Ekk Roll Noodles, and egg noodles with grilled pork in soy sauce from Boonlert – a legendary noodle stall originally from Nang Loeng market.


As part of their mission to empower restaurant partners, Robinhood does not charge a GP (gross profit) fee to the restaurants while offering consumers the same menu price and food quantity as the dine-in option. Food delivery from Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE is available daily via the app from 11am – 7.30pm every day.



Source: King Power Mahanakhon.

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