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On 11th November 2005, Kamalaya Koh Samui opened the doors to receive its first guests. With its extraordinary range of treatments and programmes it quickly became one of the most awarded and regarded wellness resorts in the world. Today, guests can benefit from an array of well-being programmes that include, but are not limited to, Detox, Ideal Weight, Relaxation, Anti-Stress and Healthy Lifestyle. To mark its 15th anniversary, Kamalaya has launched its latest offering, the Beauty & Glow programme.


The new Beauty & Glow therapy includes pampering and therapeutic treatments that combine modern research with ancient healing techniques. Taoist Chi Nei Tsang massage and facial acupressure stimulate the energy channels in the body to release any blockages and stagnation. Lymphatic drainage therapy then flushes the impurities, leaving the skin with a radiant glow of vitality. Luxurious facial treatments, alongside facial yoga and Pranayama breathing exercises, help release stress and bring mind and body back to balance.


A guest undergoes facial acupressure therapy in one of Kamalaya’s outdoor treatment rooms.


The mission at Kamalaya is to empower guests to become healthier, happier and more beautiful. To fulfil this calling, guests can count on a wide range of wellness programmes that span nutritionists, Chinese and Ayurveda medicines, as well as holistic treatments such as yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates.


“We remained open throughout the lockdown as we had a number of guests staying with us. We also had a couple that were travelling the world on their honeymoon who ended up staying with us for four and a half months but thankfully they have now made their way home. During that quiet period, over one hundred staff took part in different wellness programmes so they have first-hand knowledge about the cuisine, treatments; just about every aspect a guest would experience,” said Karina Stewart, Co-founder and Chief Wellness Director of Kamalaya who is herself a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Following guidelines laid down by the government to encourage domestic travel, Kamalaya restructured its pricing policy and almost immediately began to welcome people who had heard of Kamalaya but had never visited. This included a sizeable number of Thai guests. While the physical and mental health benefits of embarking on a personalised programme are well documented, some guests choose to simply unwind in peaceful splendour, dine on exquisite gourmet cuisine and recharge their batteries.


Kamalaya founders Karina and John Stewart.


“We have become very well loved by all our guests, many of whom have been coming to Kamalaya repeatedly, sometimes on an annual basis and sometimes more than once a year. But with international borders now closed, we have seen that many more Thai guests have now discovered Kamalaya and the feedback we are getting is that we are one of the best-kept secrets in Thailand. Kamalaya is rooted in the traditions of Thailand and of Asia,” added Karina.


Founder and Chairman of Kamalaya, John Stewart, continued the positive message by saying, “Many guests simply come to Kamalaya to get away from the city and enjoy total peace and quiet. All our wellness programmes are individually orchestrated with guests going through a consultation first. It’s not a one programme fits all approach, it is very personalised. We have had phenomenal response from our Thai customers since we reopened and many are now coming back every few weeks.”


Accommodation at Kamalaya is spacious, tasteful and as natural as can be.


The new Beauty & Glow programme is specifically curated for those who want to look and feel their best. It is basically health and beauty from the inside out as well as from the outside in. After just one or two treatments, guests begin to feel a sparkle and glow to their skin. In addition, personalised dietary advice designed to promote long-term health improvements enhance the individual well-being even further.


“A key component to all our wellness programmes is the Kamalaya cuisine. There are many different ideas about what the cuisine of a health resort might look like but our cuisine is absolutely delectable to the palate and it also has a very positive impact on our health. We have received six awards for our cuisine, which is inspired by Asian cuisine with influence of Thai cuisine without MSG and excess sugar. Our cuisine nourishes the body, is anti-inflammatory and supports our body’s metabolism. You can notice a before and after difference within three days of eating our food; guests call this the Kamalaya glow,” said Karina.


Serving up the “Kamalaya glow” mornings and evenings, the wonderful Soma Restaurant overlooks the resort and the Gulf of Thailand beyond.


While many wellness resorts focus primarily on the body – and rightly so – Kamalaya has taken it one step further to include a mental health aspect to its programmes. The resort has a group of mentors who specialise in guiding guests through all types of emotional and mental health concerns. In the hectic world we live in today, bodily problems can be easily recognised and cured, while mental health issues remain a black hole.


“We can add a session with one of our mentors to any guest’s programme. We have three Indian mentors – two men and one lady – who were all monks in India at one time or another. They are incredibly inspiring and many guests schedule a private session or a personal program. There is a lot of stress in the world right now and at Kamalaya we aim to rid our guests of that stress through a variety of treatments. We like to encourage our guests to ‘feel life’s potential’,” added John.


“To that end, we don’t have resort-wide Wi-Fi, we prefer to encourage our guests to experience a little digital detox. For example, our Soma restaurant has a community table where people can come together without their cellphones and take part in that wonderful human activity called conversation. It’s great to see so many people just talking naturally without being tied to their phone. After a few days here, most guests do begin to leave their phones in their rooms. It really does you good to put down your cellphone for a few days,” he continued.


The healthy detox breakfast; pancakes, fruit muesli, rosemary bread; Kamalaya detox juice and fresh water.


“Never before have any of us experienced the level of disconnection of uncertainty and challenge to our lives that we are experiencing now with the coronavirus. In the face of the unknown, the level of depression and the level of fear are unprecedented. Thankfully here in Thailand the impact of the virus is very low, however the emotional and psychological impact is still high. This level of isolation and disconnection is something that we at Kamalaya have been addressing for over 15 years, with our attention to reconnecting to our selves, our deep inner voice and our inner resources,” said Karina.


Over the years, Kamalaya has become an authority on health and wellness and this has led to numerous magazines and newspapers from all over the world seeking interviews with founders John and Karina Stewart. It is said that Kamalaya lives through these two inspirational owners, who to their credit have not capitalised on the Kamalaya brand image to create more resorts. Kamalaya Koh Samui remains the only such resort in the world, a great honour for Thailand and the Thai people.


“Many people have asked me ‘how come a former monk from India owns a world-famous, five-star resort in Koh Samui?’ My spiritual teacher once said to me ‘Don’t wait for miracles, I will teach you how to create them by focusing positive energy with the vision through the heart that you can create anything and make your dreams come true.’ Kamalaya is the miracle we’ve created. Kamalaya energises all the bodily senses; we embrace the whole human body and all its senses.


The lower level swimming pool is adorned with Asian motifs and figures.


“We’ve looked in to creating more Kamalaya resorts around the world but we’re not really comfortable with franchising our brand as we feel it would dilute what we’ve created on Koh Samui. Covid-19 has been a real game changer and I don’t think the world will ever be the same again. I think we will see a tug-of-war between holistic lifestyles and the hedonistic lifestyles that we’ve all seen and which partly got us where we are today,” concluded John.


The Beauty & Glow Package includes accommodation in Hillside Garden Room, three Kamalaya special Radiance & Beauty Cuisine meals per day and can be booked over 2, 3, 5 or 7 nights. The Beauty & Glow programme incorporates Traditional Chinese Medicine Rejuvenation Acupuncture; Chi Nei Tsang with Ruby Treasure; Holistic Acupressure Facial Massage; Lymphatic Drainage Therapy; and a Wellness Consultation. Additional treatments include Far Infrared Sauna and Rejuvenating Yoga & Pranayama.


Daily holistic activities comprise yoga, meditation, stretching, Qigong, aqua aerobics, HIIT and many more, while guests have access to three swimming pools, steam saunas, fitness and beach facilities, plus complimentary transfers from and to Samui airport.


For more information, call +66 (0) 7742-9800 or email:



Source: Punch Media Digital.

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