Four Decades Of Dining

Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, the Blue Elephant Group looks forward to the future as it remembers the past with the same passion, enthusiasm and inspiration as then and now under the current “new normal” circumstances.


Under the guidance of Chef Nooror Somany Steppe, one of Thailand’s foremost female chefs and a culinary Ambassador of Thai Cuisine since 1982, the first Blue Elephant Restaurant opened in 1980 in Brussels, Belgium. The brand quickly expanded throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia with up to 12 Blue Elephant restaurants introducing tens of millions of customers to Thai cuisine. The first Blue Elephant Cooking School & Restaurant in Bangkok was launched in 2002, while Blue Elephant Phuket followed in 2010.


Blue Elephant was the pioneer of Thai restaurants in Europe and witnessed with great pride how Thai gastronomy seduced people all over the world thanks to its diversity, complexity, symphony of tastes and amazing ingredients.


It is the passion of Chef Nooror and her extraordinary collaborators and team that has made the Blue Elephant Restaurant among the leading Thai restaurants around the globe and in Thailand. Diners appreciate the combination of spices, the freshness of the ingredients, the precisely prepared dishes and the ambience of the restaurant, as well as the well-trained and friendly staff. Chef Nooror’s fragrant curries are world-famous, such as her famous heirloom Massaman curry paste amongst other culinary treasures unique to the Blue Elephant.


Encouraged by how their restaurants, Thai food and Thai culture were so very warmly embraced by diners all over the world, the Steppes wanted to share their culinary knowledge and so opened cooking schools in Bangkok and Phuket. Whenever possible, Chef Nooror took Thai cuisine to the world by staging countless numbers of Thai food promotions and master classes abroad at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). Yet another remarkable achievement by the Blue Elephant Group is the establishment of a manufacturing arm – the Blue Spice Co., Ltd. – which produces and exports the Blue Elephant premium products line to cook at home.


And last but not least, in order to cope under the “new normal” circumstances, Chef Nooror has created ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat sets amongst others for home delivery. She has also introduced superfoods, healthy herbs and ingredients in crafting her unique dishes.


“In celebration of 40 years of providing Thai cuisine that has touched the hearts and palates of people all over the world, the Blue Elephant Group would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our loyal customers and supporters here in Thailand by extending an exceptional, celebratory 40% discount on all food bills (some exceptions apply).


“Without their support and confidence in the Blue Elephant brand, we would not be the staunch institution we are today,” said Chef Nooror.


Blue Elephant Cooking School & Restaurant Bangkok and Phuket are open daily from 11.30am to 9.30pm. For reservations, please call +66 (0) 2673-9353-8 (Bangkok) and +66 (0) 7635-4355 (Phuket).



Main image: Chef Nooror Somany Steppe with partners of the first Blue Elephant in Brussels, Belgium; Somchai Wayno; Somboon Insuasri; and Karl Steppe, Chef Nooror’s husband, lifetime partner and advisor.




Source: Blue Elephant Group.

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