Enjoy Delicious Mooncakes

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with delicious traditional mooncakes from The Okura Prestige Bangkok’s La Pâtisserie. Across the Far East the annual Mid-Autumn Festival marks the period after the summer harvest, particularly in China where farmers give thanks for a successful crop.


In Chinese culture, mooncakes also symbolise togetherness. Hence, when given to friends and colleagues as seasonal gifts or to family members as tokens of love, these sweet delights beautifully wrapped with Japanese traditional wrapping cloth, Furoshiki, are sure to please. Made with intricately patterned light, flakey crusts and filled with four delicious flavours – Durian Single Yolk, Purple Sweet Potato Single Yolk, Green Tea and Custard – the mooncakes are the perfect accompaniment to a refreshing cup of tea.


Traditional mooncakes are available at La Pâtisserie from 8th September – 1st October and are priced at Bt198 net per piece or Bt988 net per box of 4 pieces.


For more information, call +66 (0) 2687-9000 or email:

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