Hokkaido Winter Delicacies

From 1 October to 23 December, Hokkaido scallops, known for their premium quality and freshness will be on the menu at Up & Above Restaurant. During the late autumn and early winter months they feed on nutrients in the warm Kuroshio and cold Oyashio oceanic currents, which create a unique environment perfect for producing some of the finest scallops in the world.


Loved by discerning chefs the world over, the plump, creamy-sweet Hotate are best eaten at this time of year. Which is why the talented chefs at The Okura Prestige Bangkok’s Up & Above Restaurant are serving up tasty treats such as grilled Hotate with butter or red chilli paste on the half-shell with a range of condiments.


A splash of fresh lime and chilli sauce is a must.


Seasonal Hokkaido Scallops are available daily from 1 October – 23 December and served from 12.30 – 10.30pm with prices starting from Bt250 for 1 scallop to Bt1,800 for 10 scallops.


For more information, call +66 (0) 2687-9000 or email:

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