CHAR Named Luxury Grill Global Winner

Hotel Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road’s CHAR restaurant has been named Luxury Global Winner by the 2019 World Luxury Restaurant Awards. This firmly establishes CHAR as one of the best fine dining destinations not just in Bangkok, but in the world, featuring Chef Nikolas Ramirez’s modern grilling techniques and creative takes on classic cuisine.


The World Luxury Spa and Restaurant Awards recognize world-class service excellence by soliciting the public to vote for their favourites. While there are country, regional and continental awards, the global awards are the most coveted. So, it is with tremendous pride that CHAR receives its recognition as the Global Winner in the Luxury Grill category.


“The public has spoken and we cannot be happier,” said Michiel de Kleer, General Manager. “The CHAR team works hard to elevate its offering beyond just a steakhouse or classic grill, and now, that hard work and inspired offering has been internationally recognized.”


Put your palate to the test a CHAR by calling +66 (0) 2207-4999 or email:

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