The Art of Massage

To me, massage is an art, an ancient skill in human health and well-being. Therefore, if massage is an art, a therapist must be an artist; an accomplished practitioner of an age-old vocation first pioneered in China, Egypt and India many millennia ago.


Leading a busy work and social life, it is not always easy to take time out of my schedule for some ‘me time’, so when the opportunity arose to experience the new Natural Oriental Remedies treatment at The Okura Spa, I grabbed it.


The Okura Spa is a paragon of relaxation and it’s ever so easy to forget your worldly worries as soon as you’ve entered the doors of the spa. The five private treatment rooms ooze refined luxury with a couples’ room sporting a Jacuzzi. Every therapist at The Okura Spa has undergone extensive training and each is a skilled professional in modern massage techniques.


Sitting down with my therapist, Khun Fon, I informed her of my state of mind and what I’d like to achieve from my two-hour treatment. Ingredients used in this treatment included plai, tamarind, camphor, lemongrass, kaffir lime, milk, honey, jasmine rice, sweet almond oil and turmeric. While everything was of the highest standard, it was the massage itself that I wanted to zero-in on.



Readying myself for the treatment, Khun Fon informed me that the majority of my major muscles group had become extremely tight. She performed several massage techniques to ease my muscle stress; executing the massage to perfection. Strong, rhythmic hand movements can reverse muscular cramps as well as promoting lymphatic drainage, two areas I was keen to explore.


For 120 minutes, my therapist applied an inner rhythm whereby her hands magically and methodically began to force out built up stress in my leg and arm muscles as well as along my shoulder blades. It’s a feeling you can only experience at the hands of a skilled masseur and before long I began to feel fulfilled and recharged. By using controlled pressure along my previously stressed muscles, her warm palms reawakened every sinew in my body from my toes to my shoulders.


I thoroughly enjoyed my Natural Oriental Remedies treatment and achieved a balanced state of mind thanks in part to the sense of aroma and quality of the selective Thai herbs; it is uniquely Okura. Now, I’ve found the flow again I look forward to finding the right move to see what is my next adventure.


The Natural Oriental Remedies is available daily at The Okura Spa from 10am – 10pm, 1st October 31st December 2018 and is priced at Bt4,000++ per person for 90 minutes and B4,500++ for 120 minutes.


For more information on this and many other treatments, contact The Okura Spa at +66 (0) 2687-9090 or email


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