Experience Thai Culture At Santiburi Koh Samui

Santiburi Koh Samui, the leading luxury villa and suite resort on the islands idyllic north shore, is launching a weekly Thai Culture Day dedicated to celebrating and connecting families with Thai tradition.


Santiburi Thai Culture Day brings Thai guests closer to their rich heritage and gives international guests an interactive insight into the Kingdom through its people, traditions and history.


Each Thai Culture Day begins in the morning with a short Thai language lesson for non-Thai guests, who learn basic phrases and the right tones to use for different words. Children can then enjoy dressing up and dancing with a cultural twist as they choose from a wardrobe of traditional Thai costumes before they are tutored in the visually stunning art of classical Thai dance.


Santiburi Koh Samuis resident photographer captures the experience as parents enjoy their kids performance in traditional outfits. They can also have fun trying on period costumes and posing for a vintage-style photograph at a special Santiburi Koh Samui portrait studio a perfect way for the whole family to experience a snapshot of Thai culture that reaches far beyond Samuis beautiful beaches.



Thai Culture Day brings the beauty of Thai culture to the beach and challenges the idea that an island getaway is not really an experience of Thailand, said Sabine G. Lamberts, General Manager, Santiburi Koh Samui. Our weekly Thai Cultural Day is all about creating a fun experience for kids and their parents that puts them in closer touch with human heritage, as well as its natural appeal.


An appetizing way to appreciate Thai culture is offered through a cooking class with one of the Santiburi Koh Samui Thai chefs. Families cook-up traditional Thai favourites, using recipes they can make again at home, sampling their culinary creations and savouring the classic flavours of Thai cuisine.


After the feast, everyone is invited to a demonstration of takraw an exhilarating national sport where players volley a rattan ball over a net using their feet, knees, chest and head. Guests can then test their own skills as they discover just how easy the experts make this challenging game look.


Maintaining the active mood, Thai games for kids are next on the itinerary with rice-sack races and other inventive local games offering youngsters the energy, laughter and excitement of outdoor play as an alternative to screen time a wonderful tonic for the whole family and what vacations are all about.


As the sun sets over tranquil Mae Nam beach, a traditional torch-lighting ceremony throws shadows across the tropical gardens in a pretty spectacle that showcases Thailands timeless beauty and its enduring connection with the natural world.


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