The Dusit Thani Way

As I sat contemplating how to surprise my wife for our 18th wedding anniversary, it suddenly dawned on me that one of Thailand’s most highly regarded hotels was about to close its doors and we’d yet to spend a night there. With that in mind I contacted Dusit Thani to reserve a room and plan a meal for the evening of our upcoming anniversary.


For most people, celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary would seem a little old fashion; why not wait two years and celebrate 20 years instead? But that was not an option I could fall back on as the Dusit Thani site would be midway through its redevelopment and thus we’d be forced to stay elsewhere. No, it simply had to be Dusit Thani. Back to my phone call and the service I received over the telephone was exceptional and within a short space of time my weekend surprise had gone from a simple idea to a confirmed booking.


The stunning lobby lounge is a great place to sit and relax.


The following weeks leading up to our anniversary my wife kept asking if we were doing ‘anything’ over the weekend; I’d smile and say “I’m not sure yet”. I wanted to keep her in the dark for as long as possible to make the Friday afternoon check-in all the more special. Two days before we were to head to Dusit Thani, her persistent questioning got the better of me and I cracked, spilling the beans on our weekend to come.


To say she was excited did not quite catch her mood; she was beside herself. I knew the telling of our plans now meant I had to give my opinion on the different outfits she planned to wear while staying at the hotel. This one for breakfast, this one for the pool, this one for the evening and this one for our meal: on and on it went. Eventually she settled for just a handful of outfits and I was left to watch the remainder of the football on television.


We arrived at Dusit Thani on Friday afternoon and straight away the legendary service that has made Dusit Thani an international leader in hospitality was apparent. The doorman took the bags from our car and arranged for parking while we checked-in. Perhaps my phone call earlier in the month had set off a chain reaction throughout the various departments of the hotel about our arrival, but the exceptional service levels were happening all around me.


A room with a view of Lumpini Park and the Bangkok skyline.


At a nearby counter a Chinese lady was being given directions to a nearby temple in her local dialect by a staff member; a Western tourist was apologizing for arriving late and being told everything was fine; and the period dressed doorman was entertaining a few children who kept asking about his hat and ‘funny’ trousers. No, it was crystal clear the warm welcome, attention to detail and friendliness was happening all around us; it was part of the fabric of Dusit Thani and intrinsic in each member of staff.


The Dusit Thani tower is one of Bangkok’s most recognizable buildings having graced the skyline since 1970. At a time when most buildings were only a few floors high, Dusit Thani became the very first iconic landmark of modern Bangkok and has seen the city transform into one of the world’s greatest metropolises. As a leading hotel in Thailand for almost 48 years, Dusit Thani continues to welcome guests from around the world with customer service that is the envy of other hotels.


And while guests can see flashes of 1970 decor here and there, the hotel has managed to adapt to the modernizing world. Broadband Internet, hotel-wide Wi-Fi, cable television, nine internationally acclaimed restaurants and 517 modern guest rooms are testament of the hotel’s movement with the times. Each guest room brings distinctive Thai designs to the fore and the well-appointed facilities ensure that every guest has exactly what they need at their fingertips.


Our anniversary weekend was one of pure enjoyment and was the perfect tonic to celebrate 18 years of wedded bliss. I highly recommend any husband find the time to do the same before 5th January 2019 as that is when the hotel will close its doors for the final time, after which the hotel will be demolished. Thereafter a new billion-dollar Dusit Thani will arise as a mixed-use real estate development that features a world class hotel, residences, retail areas and office spaces, with a large green space.


I hope to spend our 20th wedding anniversary at Dusit Thani but with royalty, film stars and international business people all eager to do the same, there might just be a bit of a queue.


For more information and reservations, go to or call +662 (0) 200-9000.


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