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The Art of Massage

To me, massage is an art, an ancient skill in human health and well-being. Therefore, if massage is an art, a therapist must be an artist; an accomplished practitioner of an age-old vocation first pioneered in China, Egypt and India many millennia ago.


Sundays Are Special At VIU

We all love to feel welcome and enjoy the company of others. When food enters the equation we instinctively feel comfortable in our surroundings and salivate at the thought of the feast about to be served. Being a part of something that’s bigger than ourselves while at the same time sharing that emotion with others is a truly wonderful experience. You, too, can immerse yourself in this sensation of belonging by making a reservation for the extraordinary Sunday Brunch at VIU at The St. Regis Bangkok, which runs from 12:30 3:30pm.


Saga’s Hidden Gems

Unfortunately, Saga, the capital of Saga prefecture on Kyushu Island, doesn’t receive too many reviews. That’s a shame, a real shame. The city, just over an hour from Fukuoka International Airport by bus – slightly less by train – is a wonderfully relaxing mini-Japanese city that ticked all the right boxes for me. Its wide avenues attract more bicycles than they do cars while the numerous open green spaces beckon travellers to rest their weary feet under a canopy of centuries-old trees.


Hamilton’s Favourites

One of the best steakhouses in Thailand, Hamilton’s at Dusit Thani Bangkok took its name from the first US ambassador to Thailand, Hamilton King who served between 1898-1903. Renowned for its outstanding service, contemporary setting and quality cuts of the world’s best beef, Hamilton’s continues to excel in every department pleasing diners of all ages and all nationalities.


The Dusit Thani Way

As I sat contemplating how to surprise my wife for our 18th wedding anniversary, it suddenly dawned on me that one of Thailand’s most highly regarded hotels was about to close its doors and we’d yet to spend a night there. With that in mind I contacted Dusit Thani to reserve a room and plan a meal for the evening of our upcoming anniversary.


Upping The Brunch Ante

For thousands of Bangkokians, weekends in the city have become synonymous for long, lazy brunches with friends and family at one of the countless hotels and restaurants offering such gastronomic journeys. Of course, after you’ve sampled your first foie gras, after you’ve devoured your second giant fresh water tiger prawn or after you’ve sampled yet another glass of bubbly, there’s little else that would pique your interest, right? Wrong. The Dusit Thani has just upped the weekend brunch ante to a whole new level.


Hamburg Welcomes Tortue

Summer 2018 sees the opening of an exciting new property in the centre of Hamburg – Tortue, an ode to time, life and new perspectives. Taking its name from the French word for ‘turtle’, the hotel expends the joy of taking one’s time and proffers a certain Gallic savoir-vivre; a stylish translation of the French occupation of this city between 1806 and 1814, when none other than Napoleon lived on the same street. In this temple to the art of life, led by Design Hotels Originals Marc Ciunis, Carsten von der Heide, and Anne-Marie Bauer, guests are welcomed to another realm, where the outside world has no choice but to wait.


Nowhere’s The Place To Go

When you are looking for a restaurant that offers something a little different – special even – then you need look no further than Nowhere, the latest eatery to open its doors on Ekamai Road. The casual rooftop restaurant brings to the table the best of European and Asian dishes in a Eurasian menu that’s simply bursting with tasty treats and crafty cocktails.


Four Ways to Eat Yourself into Good Health

You are what you eat. This proverb is present for many of us throughout our lives — serving as both friend, and foe. Ultimately, the lesson is that food forms a large part of our overall health, helping balance our bodies, giving us energy, regulating our system and often preventing sickness. This universal culinary lesson also transcends cultures, and Thailand is no different. If you eat well and healthily, it will impact your health.


There’s No Place Like Bruges

Mainland Europe is famed for its medieval towns and cities, but few can boasts as many architectural wonders as Bruges, the capital and largest city in West Flanders in the Flemish Region of Belgium. The cobbled streets and lanes are just as much fun to wander along as are the canals to sail on. With small shopkeepers selling their wares next to international mega-brands, Bruges has somehow managed to hold on to its historic past while embracing the 21st century.