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Light Up Your Night At Baan Dam

Hua Hin is famed for its fantastic variety of seafood served hot and fresh on plates in high-end restaurants, street cafes and, of course, at the night market. But at all these locations you pay a little extra without getting a clear view of the ocean, which even from the market is just a stones throw away. For those in the know, a little excursion out towards Hua Hin Airport and Soi 5 will lead you to the quaint little restaurant Baan Dam (Black House).


Purify Your Body And Mind, Refresh Your Spirit

During the seasonal monsoon, when there’s a lull in the daily downpours and the skies are blue from dawn until dusk, we like to escape the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and head to the seaside for a few days of rest and relaxation. For the past few years, Hua Hin has been our destination of choice thanks to the cooling sea breeze, ease of travel and distinct lack of crowds on weekdays.


Gardens By The Sea

The recent refurbishment and rebranding of Asara Villa & Suite Hua Hin by global hospitality company M√∂venpick has significantly upped the stakes in the five-star resort market in Thailand’s oldest and most recognized seaside town. The upscale resort overlooks the Gulf of Thailand with an expansive oceanfront footprint that has surely been the focal point of numerous Instagram posts such is the breathtaking beauty of the view.


Hola Mexicano

If you are looking for a true taste of genuine Mexican food in Bangkok, the popular Mexicano Restaurante Autentico at Rembrandt Hotel is a standout restaurant serving only the best Mexican food. Formerly Senor Pico, Mexicano has refocused it culinary gaze on traditional Mexican fare rather than the standard Tex-Mex approach


Be Surprised At Pesca

Bangkok foodies are renowned for their love of relaxing at the weekend with a leisurely brunch. Whether Saturday or Sunday, the City of Angels serves up a cornucopia of brunch deals with the city’s leading five-star hotels offering some of the biggest brunches outside of the USA. But, big is not always best and sometimes an independent restaurant can give just as good a deal.


11 Mirrors

Experience the many facets of modern Ukraine at 11 Mirrors, Kiev’s first and only design hotel. Located in the capital’s dynamic core, mere steps away from the National Opera House, 11 Mirrors showcases reflective surfaces such as mirrored decorations and panoramic windows throughout its 11 stories and 49 luxurious rooms and suites. 11 Mirrors elegant minimalism is itself a reflection of contemporary Ukraine: sophisticated and simple, with no need for heavy embellishments.


A New Haven For Freethinkers

Newly opened on 1st July 2018 in the central German city of Gottingen, Hotel Freigeist Gottingen is a hive of creativity and inclusion. Conceived by hotelier Georg Rosentreter, the 118-room property is rooted in the city’s legacy as a place for academics, philosophers and radical freethinkers.


The New Hideaway

The lush landscape of the Cycadean island of Santorini paints an idyllic backdrop for the island’s newest wonder: Istoria, a 12-suite retreat on Perivolos Beach. Displaying a unique blend of classic and contemporary aesthetics, this luxury hotel is as rooted in the past as it is in the present and is inspired by storytelling; a new tradition started by Design Hotels Originals Kalia and Antonis Eliopoulos who have steeped every corner of Istoria in a unique style that tells this island’s story. The result is a property that merges seamlessly with the island’s distinctive landscape while making a mark all of its own.