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Door To Thailand Now Open – For A Price

International residence and citizenship advisory firm, Henley & Partners, has secured the global concession to promote Thailand’s exclusive residence programme, which gives foreigners authorisation to live in the country for up to 20 years – for a price. It’s the first programme of its kind worldwide, offering unlimited access to the jewel of Southeast Asia as well as a range of special VIP privileges. The programme was initiated by the Royal Thai Government to attract wealthy global citizens, families, investors, and entrepreneurs who want to spend extended periods of time in the country and take advantage of its beneficial tax regime and affordable but exceptionally high standard of living.


Top 3 Thai Food and Olive Oil Myths

By Chef Nan Hongwiwat


From mystical abilities to altered food flavours, and atomic-bomb qualities when heated, as a chef I have heard it all, when it comes to myths surrounding Thai food being paired with olive oil. What if, I told you, olive oil is actually one of my secret weapons when it comes to cooking Thai? Would you still think the same? It also amazes me that one of the most famous global food trends today, just so happens to be, cooking with olive oil, and yet it has been slow to catch on in Thailand – and we are the food-trend champions!


Treating Illness At The Root

Dr. Orawan Holistic Institute was established back in 1988 by the world-famous guru in holistic health, Dr. Orawan Kitchawengkul M.D. Over the decades, her philosophy has remained the same: blend the best of Eastern and Western medicines effectively and harmoniously. This holistic approach has given birth to a whole range of innovative solutions for holistic health and natural beauty treatments. Dr. Orawan’s commitment to incorporating the best solutions and treatments has energized her clients who now not only look younger but feel healthier as well.


From Running Errands To Running An Empire

From a regular pharmacist to the owner and managing director of Smooth E Company Limited, a Thai brand that has successfully traded to international standards for the past 20 years. Dr. Sangsuk Pithayanukul perfectly blended his status as a scientist, marketing strategist, and a man who understood human emotions to become one of Thailand’s top marketers and creator of the quality toothpaste ‘Dentiste’, which is currently now experiencing massive success in Japan. All of this success has stemmed from the entrepreneurial genes of the good doctor.


A Passionate Affair

Business life for Jom P Salakshana has been a learning experience like little other. Drawing on the principles, acumen, and entrepreneurship skills of his father and grandfather before him, has put him in good stead to succeed in a very competitive business environment. Today, his business dealings span real estate development in Bangkok, luxury island resorts, and the marketing and sales of the family business, the Prungthip table salt brand. In fact, it was his family’s long-standing connection with the idyllic Koh Tao and Jom’s love for the oceans that has, to some extent, fuelled his passion to be successful.


Going with the Flow

If you ever attended a wedding or business event in Bangkok a few years ago, the chances are you would have been faced with a drinks menu that was limited to wine, beer – usually Singha, and a choice of whiskey mixes. In fact, this tried and tested format would have continued ad nauseum if it hadn’t been for the introduction of a drinks company that shook event organisers out of their reverie. Welcome onto the scene Flow Cocktail, a cocktail consulting company set up by Nonthiwat ‘Ning’ Prabhananda, Chanond Purananda, and two other friends who themselves had become indifferent to drinks served at the many events taking place throughout Thailand at the time. Having experienced similar events in Singapore, Hong Kong and further afield in Australia and the UK, where the drinks were much more sophisticated, they decided it was time for Thais to have a taste of the future.


Timeless Service

The entrepreneurial business life of Phumiphan ‘Oud’ Bunjapamai, Chairman at TKI, Thailand’s leading retailer of Patek Philippe luxury watches, began when he was very young; a Grade 4 student to be exact. In 1946, his father set up his own jewellery shop called Tok Kwang in Bangkok’s Chinatown and several decades later the family-run company began specializing in luxury timepieces and became TKI (Tok Kwang International). Even today, third and fourth-generation customers still bring their treasured timepieces to TKI for service as well as introducing their great-grand-children to TKI and its bespoke service.


Young At Heart

Naughty? Sexy? Bitchy? Not completely. Naughty, no, but funny, yes. Sexy, for sure. Bitchy, not in the slightest. This is all part of the facade that has been slowly built up to ensure that Tata Young remains at the top of the music charts and in the headlines locally and overseas. It is sometimes hard to peal back the public image and take a real look at the genuine people who are today’s modern pop stars as they have been trained and coached from an early age to outwardly project another entity. But from time to time you do get celebrities who come over as just an ordinary person who happens to have an exceptional talent when they do what they do, but once the lights have been turned off, it’s as if they turn off the superstar and become themselves.


Simply Scintillating Cindy

It was just before two o’clock in the afternoon and I had arrived at the Lobby Lounge on the 23rd floor of Centara Grand Hotel at CentralWorld in downtown Bangkok. Gorgeous views I muttered to myself as I gazed through the huge glass windows that offer unimpeded views of the Thai capital. The weather was unusually cool; but I was not. In fact, even with the air-conditioning blasting out cold air, I was hot, my palms were sweaty and I felt slightly intimidated as I awaited the arrival of one of Thailand’s most stunning, outgoing and successful female superstars.