Experience Delightful Moroccan Cuisine

Rembrandt Hotel Bangkok together with master Chef Vittario of the famed Da Vinci Restaurant are delighted to invite all food lovers to experience the precious world of Moroccan culinary delights in the “Couscous Friday” special offer.


Moroccan cuisine is a unique and beloved essence of Morocco, a country where the rich cultures from many empires combined their magic to create an exotic sense of culinary excellence. Sample exotic Arabian spices, delicious European steaks, fresh Mediterranean fruits and vegetables together with perhaps the best Couscous in the world, only at Da Vinci.


Rich cultural Moroccan delicacies and carefully crafted couscous recipes are brought to you by Chef Vittario, whose proud Moroccan roots are sure to thrill diners of every culture.


Held every Friday from 5pm – 10.30pm, you are invited to experience the Moroccan “Couscous Friday” with an all you can eat deal for only Bt850 per person.

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