Authentic Thai Restaurant & Bar

Bangkok Heightz is a high-end authentic Thai restaurant located on the 39th floor of The Continent Hotel, Bangkok. Overlooking a fabulous cityscape, it features authentic Thai dining in a refined atmosphere that can’t be topped. Bangkok Heightz takes traditional Thai recipes passed down through generations and elevates them to new heights, combining the best of Thai cuisine and elegant sky high dining.


Bangkok Heightz is the city’s newest genuine Thai restaurant and bar, set in its trendiest neighbourhood. The authentic Thai restaurant lives up to its name as a true rooftop restaurant and fine dining spot, looking out over the popular Asok-Sukhumvit area, home to Bangkok’s trendiest nightclubs and shopping centres.


These days, Thai street food and street vendors are known throughout the world, and Bangkok Heightz has taken these recipes, developed them for flavour and taste, and added the bonus of an unrivalled spot in which to enjoy them. It is often said that the best food in Thailand is found on the street, however, many visitors here don’t enjoy the hot and basic conditions the food is served in, surrounded by traffic, noise, and pollution.


The Thai cuisine is authentic from top to bottom throughout the menu, found both in the food and the drinks. Dig in to popular Thai food favourites like Lobster rad prik, normally made with shrimp covered in a sweet and sour sauce made of tamarind, brown sugar, chilies, and Thai herbs, but here served on fine Canadian lobster, boiled exactly for three minutes prior to frying. Or sample some grapao pla, Thailand’s signature holy basil, fried in a tempered wok with chilies and served on delectable snowfish.


In addition to the extensive menu, there are plenty of fine wines and signature cocktails to pair with as well. Novel drink creations include the Chao Phraya Sling and Siam Libre amongst other mixologist specials.


For more information, call 0-2686-7000.

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