Go Crazy For Crustaceans

Throughout April, Pebbles Bar & Grill is thrilled to bring diners another mouthwatering gastronomic food promotion with a delightful selection of local and imported shellfish. Either fresh or cooked a la minute, Pebbles’ chefs are determined to go the extra mile and make your experience one to remember.

Taste The Difference

The World restaurant on the 24th floor at Centara Grand at CentralWorld continues its regular line-up international buffet stations ‘Tastes of the World’ nighty themed food extravaganzas that focus on a different delicacy from a different region each night of the week.

A Celebration of Spring in Hokkaido

Using fresh ingredients from Japan’s Hokkaido region prepared with French culinary techniques, Executive Chef Antony Scholtmeyer and his team at Michelin-starred restaurant Elements, are serving up seasonal treats starring botan ebi, red snapper and Hokkaido beef. All specialties of Japan’s second largest island and particularly enjoyed at springtime, this bounty takes on the characteristics of the pristine area from which it originates.

Nowhere’s The Place To Go

When you are looking for a restaurant that offers something a little different – special even – then you need look no further than Nowhere, the latest eatery to open its doors on Ekamai Road. The casual rooftop restaurant brings to the table the best of European and Asian dishes in a Eurasian menu that’s simply bursting with tasty treats and crafty cocktails.

Street Art Or Just Graffiti?


Over the years while on my travels around the world, I have always been amazed at the depth and quality of street art. Sure, this kind of “graffiti” or “illegal” art has been with us since mankind first began writing. Take a trip around any ancient monument and you’re sure to find some kind of graffiti that was carved into the stones shortly after being laid by stonemasons. However, these days street art has become more colourful, more interesting, and a lot more thought provoking.

Escape To Gunma


Just a few hours by train from Tokyo lays the stunning prefecture of Gunma, a haven for those seeking the healing powers of traditional hot springs or simply wanting to experience authentic Japanese cuisine from the Edo period. In the summertime, Gunma is perfect for trekking and picnics, while in the autumn months entire valleys explode in a kaleidoscope of colours as millions of trees prepare for the onset of cold weather. As the winter snows arrive, this mountainous region is turned into a winter wonderland, a splendid vision indeed, which makes Gunma a year-round destination.